Javier was born in Madrid in 1983. After finishing high school, he started his studies of architecture in 2001 at the Technical University of Madrid, Faculty of Architecture (ETSAM).

By 2007, and having finished all the compulsory courses, he studied an MBA in Real Estate and Project Management at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) while working on his Graduation Master Project, successfully handed in, with the highest grade in april 2009.

During the last years Javier was working with several offices, participating in architectural competitions and urban development. He started in parallel his own company during, providing  advisory services for real estate, comercial and infrastructure projects in Spain, interested in applying an innovative and sustainable development approach to all of his projects. Javier obtained a price in Europan 10 competition in 2010, which was published and exhibited around Europe.

Since 2011, he lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland, participating on various projects, and continues his work as a real estate consultant and freelance designer.

Collective exhibitions and publications

  • Europan 10 - The House of Architects, Riga, Latvia. 2010
  • Solar Decathlon Europe, Urban Energy Rehabilitation, COAM Gallery, Madrid, Spain. 2010
  • Europan 10 European Results. ISBN: 2-914296-18-5. 2010
  • Future Magazine 23-24. ISBN: 1885-822. 2010
  • La Caja. Taller de Proyectos Arquitectonicos. ISBN: 978-84-92641-24-6.2010
  • Expocátedras 2008, COAM Gallery, Madrid, Spain. 2009
  • La Caja, Ascer, Museu de Bellas Artes, Castellón, Spain. 2007


  • 2. Prize. Quartier Widmi, Lenzburg Baufeld 2. 2013
  • 1. Prize Studienauftrag Wohnüberbauung, Langnau am Albis, Switzerland. 2011
  • 1. Prize Studienauftrag Zentrumsplanung Gerbestrasse Wädenswil, Switzerland. 2011
  • 2. Prize Studienauftrag Wohnüberbauung, Horgen, Switzerland. 2011
  • 2. Prize Studienauftrag Bürokonzept Dein Deal, Zürich, Switzerland. 2011
  • 2. Prize Studienauftrag  Wohnhaus Meilen. 2011
  • 3. Prize Europan 10. Riga, Latvia. 2010
  • Selected, Ascer La Caja. 2008
  • Finalist, Housing in Dehesa de la Villa. Saénz de Oiza anual competition. Cátedra blanca. 2007